Plastic free July is a global initiative that raises awareness about plastic pollution and encourages citizens to think about their consumerism habits. With plastic Free July around the corner here are some of our stop picks for reducing plastic waste:

Reusable Water Bottle:

This cleverly made bottle with incredible insulation means hot beverages for 12 hours and cold for 24 for hours! Basically, you can leave your bottle with a cold beverage in the car, on a hot summers day while you enjoy a day at the beach, and return to a COOL drink in your cool bottle. On the same note fill it with a hot drink during winter and you have hot, hot chocolate for hours. Honestly a superb investment that also happens to avoid your need for plastic water/juice/soft drink bottles or disposable coffee, tea, hot chocolate disposable cups. A big thumbs up from us. Find this one and many others at

Reusable shopping bags:

Many of you can relate to having a cupboard somewhere in the kitchen filled with plastic bags that you will reuse…one day. Reusable shopping bags like this one from can be left in your car so every time you shop you can avoid that accumulation. There is also a selection of tote bags that can be rolled or folded in handbags or laptop bags, which allows for spontaneous shopping without a guilty conscious. Many places now sell fresh produce bags which means weighing your fruit or veg does not have to be a plastic affair.

Reusable Beverage Cup:

We have all had those mornings when we are running late but cannot survive without that first cuppa or we miss that all-important breakfast. Fortunately there are take away coffees and breakfast smoothies to get us through the morning – thanks to these swanky reusable cups we can still enjoy these morning essentials over and over without filling our landfill or our oceans with plastic cups, lids and straws. Find these very chic ones at

Reusable Straws:

Which brings us to our next favourite pick. Reusable straws! We absolutely commemorate businesses for their use of paper straws, however after a few sips they can turn soggy and usually multiple are needed. These swanky reusable straws come in different colours and shapes and can be reused indefinitely. They even come in sets with a brush cleaner and bag for easy transport.

Beeswax wraps:

There are times that call for packed lunches for work, school or a picnic with the fam. That often means cling wrap or tin foil; both of which are not healthy for our environment or us. Beeswax wraps are a genius alterative for packing sandwiches and other snacks. Simply mold to the shape you need and rinse & dry after using. Glass Tupperwares are also an alternative and many double up as a Pyrex dish that you can use in the oven. Although many come with a plastic lid, you can ditch the lid for these eco container covers that come in all shapes so you can cover leftovers galore, all the while getting those good feels for supporting local by buying from


Going plastic free is a lot about reusing where possible, and there are pretty much eco alternatives for everything we use that is plastic. Not only are you supporting South Africans doing positive things for the environment but it also means voting with your wallet on what you want more of. Lets spread the plastic free love this July and help keep our planet green.

These are some our favourite picks, send us your favourite products for plastic Free July and the businesses you love for all your plastic free needs.

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